and since then has been able to produce, pack and market fresh products from the land with the highest standards of safety and quality at a global level.

Thirty years of constant evolution and adaptation to new technologies and market desires allow us to expand our operations in the face of the growing need to offer processed products, free of preservatives and transgenics in our Processing Division.


Produce and commercialize highly nutritious and quality agroindustrial products from the field to the table.

We firmly believe in generating and using the latest technologies in production, packaging and preservation of products, as well as in developing new business schemes that benefit the entire chain of values, always taking care of the most important resource: our collaborators.


To consolidate the operations of the family agroindustrial Group that, based on honesty and justice, will become an engine of economic and social development in the region.

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Corporativo La Viña® in its processed division, achieves the transformation of the products of the land, by means of three unambiguous values:


With the ability to adapt in full to the needs of its customers, since Corporativo La Viña® is capable of making any formula or packaging adaptation requested.


We are backed by demanding standards in terms of quality, safety, among other features.


We 100% guarantee the taste and freshness of all processed products through the implementation of the highest technology.

A simple promise: the best fruit, the best food, that makes Corporativo La Viña®.

At Corporativo La Viña®

We are experts in preserving the taste and freshness of our products processed under international innocuousness standards.

How does it work?

Corporativo La Viña®

It is located in an area with natural fruit supply.

Is a producer and has the capacity to trace the origin of his inputs, from the orchard to the table.

Is a specialist in the creation of formulas based on the fulfillment of the needs of its clients.

It has the installed capacity to guarantee the required supply.

Acquiesced by experts in quality, production, laboratories, innocuousness and technology to provide competitive products.



Guacamole pulp


We have the capacity of generation, adaptation and processing of any guacamole recipe.


Brand Adaptation

We have the capacity to pack and label at the request of the customer.

Ability to put own brands

In boxing, wrapping and packaging. As detailed as you need it.

Corporativo La Viña®

produces products using the highest HPP technology guaranteed by:


and packing by:

syspack cryovac




7 and 8 ounces


2 ounces



2 & 16 ounces

Public Institutions


2 & 16 ounces

AVURE: is the creator of technology + packaging + laboratory mounted with everything that is needed.

Corporativo La Viña
Uses HPP (High Pressure Processing)

That pasteurizes in cold and that is endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). HPP allows preserving the natural characteristics of the product, through the action of instant lethality on any microorganism or enzyme, canceling the possibility of physicochemical transformations, eliminating any agent that can alter the innocuity of the processed ones.

Equipped with cooling and freezing chambers.

Technology to mature.

Laboratory on site.


Corporativo la viña®

Provides international consumer safety that food has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards of food safety.

We assure with international quality standards the handling, production, handling, processing and storage operations.

At all times free of meat and allergens. All kinds of consumers.

Kosher Certification is for all those foods that meet the biblical and talmudic regulations of Jewish law. Specifically, Pareve is for foods that are neither meat nor dairy.


Department of Agriculture of the United States of America.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America.

National Service of Health and Agrifood Quality of Mexico.

Frecuently Asked Questions

Yes, within the services of Corporativo La Viña® is the wrapping, processing, packaging and labeling of the products required by the customer based on their wishes and needs.

Yes, go to Contact section, request it and customers service of Corporativo La Viña® will contact you.

Corporativo La Viña® produces products using the highest HPP technology.

Retail Market

Platter 6, 8, 12 ounces.

Jar 2 and 4 ounces.

Wholesale Market

Bag 12, 14, 16 pounds.

Platter 12, 14, 16 pounds.

Public institutions - Bag (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 pounds).

Yes, we are experts in satisfying the needs of our customers with quality. So we have a laboratory specialized in the generation and fulfillment of the formulas requested.
Order are extremely flexible, fill out the contact form to give you the information about your order.

You can process any fresh fruit that is present in the region, such as cranberry, peach, strawberry, guava, lemon and mango.

Yes, Corporativo la Viña® can produce other food products using the latest technology. Request information in our section of Contact and customer service of the Corporativo La Viña® will contact you.

A product processed using HPP technology has a shelf life of two years in freezing, two months in refrigeration and once opened must be consumed.

Corporativo La Viña® is located in Tacambaro, Michoacan, Mexico.


It Will Be A Pleasure To Do Business Together

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+52 459 59 62252 Ext.100